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To My Potential Home Sellers:  Welcome, and thank you for visiting my website. Below you will read about some of the services I offer my home sellers and the importance of each service. Every Realtor is different in what services they offer as we are all independent contractors either working under a brokerage firm or are independent brokers. 

Photography: How your home is displayed on the Internet is one of the most important steps of the marketing campaign your Realtor will do for you. Beautiful photos and video will draw more attention to your home and result in more potential buyers interested in viewing your home. My listings include high-definition photos and high-definition video walk-thru of your home.  Real video is much more work than a virtual tour and attracts more buyer interest. You will find that majority of real estate agents do not offer real video services.  I edit and review my photo and video work before and after it’s published.  I send you a copy of the ads for your review.  

Getting Your Home In Front Of Buyers: When you list your home with me I take getting your home in front of buyers seriously, after all it’s my job to sell your home.  My custom marketing skills separate me from the majority of real estate agents. My customized ads target buyers nationally and internationally looking for homes in Marion County, Florida. My technical skills on the Internet drive buyer traffic to your custom ad.  

Keeping Up With The Local Real Estate Market:  When your home is listed with me I’m in the MLS data base looking at your competition, current inventory, pending homes sales, and closed sales.  I’m looking at how much attention your ad’s are getting on the Internet.  I’m keeping up with the interest rates in the mortgage market and much much more. There are several factors that come into play to successfully sell a home.  

Communication With The Home Seller: The home seller needs to know what is going on in the market place after listing their property with their real estate agent. I provide my seller with a market trends report on an on-going bases and showing feedback.  

Communication With Other Agents: I will make sure the buyer’s agent showing your home knows the details about your home and why their buyer should choose your home over another.  The buyer and buyer’s agent knowing your home’s features can make the difference in your home or another home getting the offer and the price that is paid for your home.  The example of the description below is how much I pay attention to the details of my seller’s home. I will make sure the buyer get’s all their questioned answered about your home immediately.  Buyers want to know every detail possible about the home before they go see it in person and before they make their offer. 

As A Home Seller You Will Need A Moving Plan Before Putting Your Home On The Market: A buyer wants to buy your home the second day it’s on the market or maybe 3 months from the time your home is put on the market.   Have a plan for moving before you put your home on the market. A cash buyer in most cases will want to close on your home as soon as possible and closing can be done within a 7 to 10 day period.  Buyer’s getting financing will close in 30 days. Packing up the home is not a fun job and is time-consuming so the more you can do up front the easier it will be on you. You don’t want to loose a buyer over not being able to move in a timely manner.   

I Pay Part Of The Seller’s Closing Costs: When you meet with me I will explain what seller closing costs I pay for out of my commission.

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Getting The Seller The Most Money For Their Home:  A Transaction Broker by law in the state of Florida who brings the seller and buyer together cannot advise either party or it is considered Dual Agency, which is against the law in Florida. A real estate agent in the state of Florida cannot represent both parties at the same time in a real estate transaction. The seller’s Transaction Broker agent can only negotiate on behalf of the seller if the buyer is represented by a Different Brokerage or the buyer agrees to sign a non-representative agreement given to them by the seller’s listing agent.  I point this out for two reasons: One, 99% of all brokerages only allow their real estate agents to act as Transaction Brokers. Two, most sellers don’t realize they are not represented when their listing agent brings the buyer or any agent in the listing agent’s brokerage brings the buyer.

Getting the most money for your home on the best terms means your selling agent must represent you the seller.  It’s in the best interest of the seller that buyers go through another brokerage to view the seller’s home and make an offer, therefore it’s imperative your selling agent be a strong marketer, communicator, and work with buyer’s agents outside their brokerage.  

A Time Of Essence Clause: means that one party to the contract must perform its contractual obligations at a specific date and time as required in order to compel performance by the other party to the contract. A failure to perform by the times specified will be a material breach of the contract. I provide the home seller a time line that corresponds to the purchase agreement. I manage the tasks, buyer’s agent and third party resources on the time line as time is of the essence in our Florida real estate purchase contracts.  

Your Home Is Not Sold Until You Have Your Money:  Our purchase contracts have contingencies and I will still market your home to potential buyer’s taking back up offers. 

Saving The Deal: When the buyer’s agent sends over the buyer’s cancelation of contract what happens next?  As your seller’s agent I will try to save the deal as the problem may be with a third party not doing their job correctly.  This is where my education in mortgages, probate, appraisals, construction, home inspections, the purchase contract, and several other areas of real estate that affect a real estate deal comes into play. We have almost half our MLS listings that go back on the market and I do everything up front I can to avoid problems and if problems do occur I will try to save the deal.      

I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you to review the details of my marketing plan and the services I provide when you hire me as your Realtor. 

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