Do you really need a Buyer’s agent to help you buy a new house?

Q:  What can a buyer’s agent realtor do if you are buying newly constructed home in a brand new neighborhood. I’m interested in new homes built by Pulte.   It seems easy to do on your own. I have done this before, and I negotiated myself with the selling agent working for the developer.


It’s the agents expertise in several areas of the real estate business that brings value to the buyer. It’s not just about the price a buyer pays for a home it’s the whole package that comes with buying real estate.

I personally sell homes in Pulte neighborhoods so hence my opinion.

Depending on location new homes today are like buying new cars. They depreciate the minute you move into them. How do you know this? Look at the history of the resale market in the neighborhood with your buyer’s agent.

Several people have bought new Pulte homes that could of saved a bundle and had a better home if they bought a resale only 8 years old in the same Pulte neighborhood. It amazes me that buyers don’t even know re sales are available in the same Pulte neighborhood because they can’t get passed the new sales office. It amazes me that buyers don’t know there are two Pulte developments in my area.

A builder such as Pulte keeps their prices the same with or without a real estate agent because they know people talk about what they paid and Pulte needs their homes to appraise for the value they want to sell them at. Keeping prices the same stabilizes their base price and allows them to increase their base price. Pulte also knows the value of Realtors and wants to keep them happy.

It’s what you don’t know that always comes to bite you in the butt.

The most important thing about buying a new home in planned development is the lot and your buyer’s agent is the one to help you pick it. There is more to picking a lot than just the view.

Your buyer’s agent is going to make you think about things you never thought of so you can make a better buying decision.

Is the builder’s lender the best deal verses another lender?

What are the best upgrades to put in the home to get the most value out of the home when you go to resale?

When building a home would a typical buyer know what the most important construction phases are especially if building in a different state? Most people think the county inspectors are all they need to check on the construction. Think again!

Biggest mistake a buyer makes when building a new home is they think everything is going to work perfect. Not! What about the nail that went through the water pipe or pipes? Missed wiring anyone?

What do buyer’s know about venting a new home? Builder cutting corners or are they doing it right?

I always feel that people who know the value of an educated person helping them and understand that hard working people should get paid for their knowledge, advice, and time are the ones that appreciate a buyer’s agent.


Dawn Rupersburg Realtor Ocala FL