Florida Auto Insurance What You Should Know

Florida Auto Insurance

Auto insurance varies from state to state and when you move here to Florida it’s a good idea to educate yourself on our state’s auto insurance policy options.   Florida auto insurance has one piece to it that is consider the no-fault piece of the policy.  Personal Injury Protection on your auto policy is the no fault part of Florida auto insurance.  Personal Injury Protection kicks in right away without you having to go to court to determine who is at fault.  Other coverage’s on your Florida auto insurance are not no fault.  One exception to Personal Injury Protection is when you rent a car out of the state of Florida.  Personal Injury protection does not cover you in an out of state rental car.  Many people do not know this.  If you are driving your own car out of the state of Florida than you are covered under the Personal Injury Protection.   For more details on Florida Auto Insurance coverage go Here: