Can you afford to lose $800 or more when trying to buy a home?

Can you afford to lose $800 or more when trying to buy a home?

These are true experiences through my eyes as a listing agent.   I put one of my listings under contract twice and both times the buyer had to cancel due to not being able to get financing.  Both buyer’s had their own buyer’s agent.  Both buyer’s agents never worked or recommended the lenders the buyer’s chose.  Both buyer’s agents did not enter into the process of getting the buyer qualified for a loan nor did they speak with their lender when the offer came in.  Both buyers provided pre – approveal letters with their offers.

I always call the buyer’s lender on behalf of my seller to find out how the lender qualified the buyer.  Did the buyer actually provide documentation to the lender or did they just fill out an application and a credit report was ran.  In both cases both lenders verified they had looked over the documents the buyer provided and were confident they could get a loan.

What happened?  The first buyer we had was put in the wrong loan program by the lender.  How did it happen that the lender put the buyer in the wrong loan program?  The lender assumed the buyer had a job in the area instead of looking at the application.  The buyer spent money on inspections and an appraisal only to find out they did not qualify for that loan program.  I tried to talk with the buyer’s agent to put the buyer in the correct loan program through one of my lenders, but the buyer got cold feet after the experience.

Our second buyer who was again pre – qualified found out they could not get financing after they spent money on inspections and an appraisal.  What happened? The loan officer did not know the loan policy when it came to dept the buyer owed and did not calculated the dept to income ratios correctly.  Had the loan officer done this correctly from the get go the buyer would of never qualified for a loan from day one.   I reached out to the buyer’s agent to have one of my credible lenders look at the buyer finances and that is when I found out the problem.


In both instances the buyer’s agents sent over the cancelation agreement without consulting with me to see if they could re-negotiate the deal or save the deal using another lender.   After I got the cancelations I tried to save the deal.  The buyer’s agent should of tried to save the deal for their buyer instead of just sending the cancelation over.  The buyers both spent a lot of money.

You here all the time every Realtor is a like and it doesn’t matter who you get to list or buy a home from.   It’s just not true.

I can guarantee you neither one of these buyers had a buyer’s agency agreement along with the services that buyer’s agent would provide them.  Both buyer’s lost a lot of money and on the listing end it wasted a lot of people’s time, cost my seller undue stress and money, cost me my commission twice and the title companies pay check twice.

As a listing agent I am limited on what I can find out from a lender how qualified the buyer is.   The lender is the one who should know loan policy, and what loan program the buyer can fit into based on their credit report and documentation.  If the lender tells me they reviewed the documentation and the buyer is qualified, I have to believe them.   The best defense for the buyer is the buyer’s agent they hire from the get go.

My best advice to buyers or sellers is make sure whoever you pick to buy or sell a home through that the services the real estate agent will provide are in writing and you read what those services are.  When it comes to financing make sure your buyer’s agent works with credible lenders and go with a credible lender your real estate agent recommends and make sure your agent is involved with the lender from day one of you looking at homes.

According to the National Association of Realtors 1 out of 3 closings fails due to the buyer not being able to get financed. 


Written by Dawn Rupe

Dawn Rupersburg Broker Associate with Coral Shores Realty in Ocala FL. Selling Residential Real Estate in Ocala Florida, Belleview Florida, & Summerfield Florida. Call Dawn at 352-553-3369

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