Consumer Guides For Home Sellers and Home Buyers

Consumer Guides For Home Sellers and Home Buyers

Consumer Guides For Home Sellers and Home Buyers


Homeowners Tool KitFlorida Homeowner’s Insurance Guide:
This guide goes over the  different coverages for all
types of homes and also covers insuring homes being built.




We Buy Homes For Cash

Shopping Home Mortgages Guide:
Learn what you should look for when shopping
for a mortgage.  The interest rate on your home
loan is only one of the factors you should consider.



Credit Score Guide

Credit Score Guide:
How a good credit score can save you money
Where to get your free credit reports



Reverse Mortgages
Reverse Mortgage Guide:
If you’re  62 years or older you
can qualify for a reverse mortgage.
Reverse mortgages can be used to refinance
your home or purchase a new home.


Florida Title Insurance Florida Title Insurance Guide:
What you need to know when buying,
selling, or refinancing a home.



Florida Auto Insurance
Florida Auto Insurance Guide:

Auto insurance minimum coverage in the
state of Florida.  What is Personal Injury Protection.



sink hole
Sinkhole Insurance Guide:
Two types of sinkhole coverage




Small Business Owner Insurance Guide:
A guide for all small business owners and if
owner’s of business run out of their home.




Natural Disaster Preparation Guide:
This covers planing before and after
a natural disaster.




Ocala FL Guide
Ocala Visitor’s Guide:
Packed with information about
Ocala Florida and includes map of
Ocala Florida.