Florida Real Estate Sales Contracts

Florida Real Estate Sales Contracts

Florida Real Estate Sales Contracts

Before signing a contract for a major real estate purchase , you should think about it for at least 24 hours – while you still have all your options.  The best way to prepare for your options is to review the real estate contracts with your Realtor a head of time of making an offer.

Carefully check all the terms of your real estate contract to make sure everything agreed upon between the parties is written into the contract. Don’t accept spoken promises; get everything in writing.  Once you have a signed contract, get a copy and keep it in case any questions arise later about the terms.

Below are the four main contracts used in listing or purchasing a home in the state of Florida used by Florida Realtors.   Seek a real estate attorney’s advice if you do not clearly understand what is written.  The below contracts do not hold up in court if they are used by unlicensed real estate agents.

Florida Exclusive Right Of Sale Listing Agreement, Transaction Broker   

Florida Contract for Residential Sale and Purchase

Florida Real Estate AS IS Purchase Contract

Exclusive Buyer Brokerage Agreement

Florida Transaction Broker Duties