Frequently asked question about sink holes in Florida

Frequently asked question about sink holes in Florida

Below are a list of question the Florida Geological institute answers on their website regarding sink holes in Florida. Frequently asked questions about sink holes by the Florida Geological Survey state government institution.

  • Why do sinkholes form?
  • My yard is settling—do I have a sinkhole?
  • I think I have a sinkhole in my yard. What should I do?
  • Is there a government agency that will come and inspect my sinkhole?
  • Is there a government agency available to help fix a hole on my property?
  • How long does it take for the sinkhole to stop growing?
  • How do I fill in a sinkhole?
  • Do I need a permit to fill a sinkhole?
  • A sinkhole just opened in the middle of my street —who should I call?
  • A sinkhole opened in my next door neighbor’s yard…should I be concerned?
  • Will watering our lawn lower the water table level and thus, cause sinkholes to develop in our neighborhood?
  • Is a new construction site tested for sinkholes?
  • How do I find which of Florida’s Statutes involve sinkholes?
  • Is there a database showing all sinkholes in Florida?
  • Is there a safe area of Florida in which to live with no chance of sinkholes?
  • Where can I find available sinkhole information for a specific area?
  • Can a home inspector determine if there is a sinkhole on a property? Or determine when a property is more likely to have a sinkhole? (e.g., land near water, etc.)
  • Is there any way to have my property evaluated as to the risk of a sinkhole forming?
  • I am buying a house with a repaired sinkhole under the foundation. Is this safe?
  • I am buying a new home and I want to know if there is a sinkhole disclosure law?
  • What is the sinkhole risk factor associated with my area?
  • Our insurance company has informed us that the area where we are going to purchase property is listed as a sinkhole area. What does this mean? What can we do about it? Should we buy in that area?
  • I was denied homeowners insurance because there is a sinkhole within one half mile of my home. What can I do?
  • My insurance company has done sinkhole testing at my house, but has not released the reports to us. Is there a way to see if a sinkhole report has been filed on my home address?
  • Who may I call to obtain further information on insurance in Florida or to issue a complaint about my insurance company?
  • What happened to the Florida Sinkhole Research Institute (FSRI)


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