Selling Home Turnoffs For Buyers

Selling Home Turnoffs For Buyers

Would you buy your home in the condition it is today?   What price would you pay for your home given a list of needed repairs and updates?    To get the best price for your home it has to be ready to move into without the buyer needing to invest 1000’s of dollars to repair, clean, and update your home.

Buyer turnoffs:

Bad Curb appeal:  Curb appeal is the first impression of a home.    Curb appeal includes the lawn, outside paint, landscaping, and how clean your home looks.  In Florida our driveways screened lanais, and roofs absorb tree pollen and black algae.  Have a professional company come clean your home if needed and then do any updating to the landscaping afterward.

Smell:  A foul smell is one of the biggest turn-offs when first walking into a home.  Do not try to hide a foul smell with chemical air fresheners, it just makes it worse.  Tackle the problem and get rid of it.

Loose Pets At Showings:  Your pets should be secured somewhere and out of the way when a buyer comes to look at your home.  No matter how sweet and adorable your pet is please abide by this rule.

A Home Filled With Clutter:  Declutter your home before putting it on the market.   The home will feel more open and bright and it allows buyers to see how big a room is.

Old Carpet:  You know the carpet that has a path worn in it, but looks great in the rest of the room.  The carpet the pets decided to use for a bathroom a few times.   Replacing old carpet makes the home smell better and looks newer.

Dirty Tile: Tile that has not been professionally cleaned should be professionally cleaned.

Old Toilets:  Replace your toilets with new modern looking toilets.

Old Faucets:  Replace old faucets.

This photo of Tres Amigos Island Villas is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Old Roof & Old HVAC:    How much would you pay for a home that only had a few years left on the roof?  How about an HVAC system that was at the end of its life?  Did you know a buyer will have problems getting homeowner insurance with a roof that has less than 5 years life expectancy on it?  Did you know the insurance premium for a home with a new roof is much less than for a home with an old roof?  These are things buyers take into consideration when comparing homes to buy.

To be ahead of your competition and get the most money for your home have your home as move-in ready as possible before putting it on the market to sell.

Clean and dust everything in the home so it smells clean when a buyer walks into the front door.

Clean the windows inside and out as clean windows do make a big difference when entering a home.

Add hardware to your kitchen cabinets and bath cabinets to give them a new look.








Written by Dawn Rupe

Dawn Rupersburg Broker Associate with Coral Shores Realty in Ocala FL. Selling Residential Real Estate in Ocala Florida, Belleview Florida, & Summerfield Florida. Call Dawn at 352-553-3369

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